Celebrating 15 Years of Excellence: Whitehats LLC Marks Milestone as a Leading IT Service Provider in Dubai, UAE

Whitehats LLC, a distinguished member of the Pharaon Group of Companies and a premier IT
service provider in the UAE, proudly reaches the significant milestone of 15 years in business.
From its humble beginnings as a small company, Whitehats has evolved into a preferred choice for
businesses across the region. The company has dynamically expanded its service offerings,
transitioning from IT support to a comprehensive range of Managed IT and Cloud services. With an
exceptional track record in the managed services market, Whitehats has served hundreds of
businesses, achieving a remarkable 30% growth in recent years.

Key Achievements and Partnerships:

Whitehats has consistently introduced new and improved services and solutions, forging valuable
partnerships with IT industry leaders to enhance its capabilities and address complex IT
challenges. The company’s success is further bolstered by collaborations with renowned partners,

  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • Acronis
  • Bomgar
  • BigAnt
  • Sophos
  • Zentyal
  • Malware Bytes

Whitehats has solidified major agreements with these partners, becoming an Authorized Reseller
of Google products for the past 15 years. The company is also a CSP tier-1 partner with Microsoft,
providing access to Microsoft Office 365 and Azure-based services.

Innovative Cloud Solutions:

Recognizing the critical role of data in organizations, Whitehats has ventured into cutting-edge
Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions in collaboration with Acronis. As an Authorized
Cloud Reseller in Dubai, UAE, the company addresses the growing need for robust data protection,

offering secure cloud backup solutions that enhance data security and mitigate the risks
associated with data loss.

Meeting Growing Demands:

Whitehats has proactively addressed the escalating demand for enterprise data storage by
introducing cost-effective storage solutions tailored for SMEs. The company’s Cloud-Based
solutions have gained popularity among Small and Medium Enterprises, showcasing improved
functionality and operations.

Future Focus:

With a focus on continuous growth, Whitehats anticipates the increasing demand for its Cloud
Backup and Security solutions. The company is set to expand its service portfolio with innovative
products, including the upcoming launch of Cloud-Based SIEM solutions. Additionally,
improvements in network security, penetration testing, and security risk assessment services are
on the horizon.

Commitment to Excellence:

As Whitehats reflects on its achievements over the past 15 years, the company expresses gratitude
to its dedicated team and emphasizes a commitment to excellence, quality, and continuous
improvement. The future holds exciting prospects as Whitehats plans to introduce new and
captivating products and services while maintaining its current pace of growth.

Comprehensive Services and Solutions:

Whitehats offers a diverse range of services and solutions, including:

  • Network, IT & Server infrastructure implementation and support solutions
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for IT support
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • Voice Solutions
  • Apple Support
  • Wireless solutions
  • Endpoint Protection
  • Unified Communication Solution
  • PC & Workstations

Explore the journey of Whitehats over the past 15 years and discover how the company continues
to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the IT landscape. Join us in celebrating our success
at Whitehats, Dubai, UAE.

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