Embrace Data Protection Excellence with CDP Backup Solutions

Elevate your data protection strategy with CPD backup solutions, your key to safeguarding valuable information in the digital age, delivering peace of mind and uninterrupted business continuity.


In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, finding a backup solution that seamlessly safeguards your information without the hassle of changing tapes is paramount. If you aspire to handle data backup like a pro and seek flexibility in your approach, it’s time to consider the prowess of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup solutions. CDP, which stands for Continuous Data Protection, offers real-time data backup with three distinct options provided by Whitehats: hardware-based, software-based, and virtual-based CDP solutions.

The Power of CDP: A Quantum Leap in Data Backup

CDP is not just another backup solution – it’s a paradigm shift that ensures your data is preserved in real time, capturing every alteration made to your information. The beauty lies in its capacity to save data as it evolves, empowering you to revert back to any moment before your original data was compromised by technical glitches. The changes within your data storage are instantly mirrored in a separate storage location, providing a failsafe against data loss.

Diverse Restoration Possibilities with CDP

CDP isn’t limited to just saving your data; it empowers you to restore a range of objects:

  • Crash Consistent Images
  • Files
  • Mailboxes
  • Messages
  • Database Files & Logs

Your Choice, Your Solution: Tailored CDP Backup Options

Whitehats offers three comprehensive CDP solutions, tailored to your needs:

  1. Hardware-Based CDP: Seamlessly integrate CDP capabilities into your hardware infrastructure to enjoy real-time data protection with minimal effort.
  2. Software-Based CDP: Leverage CDP functionalities through dedicated software solutions, ensuring your data remains secure without hardware limitations.
  3. Virtual-Based CDP: Embrace the virtual realm with CDP solutions optimized for virtual environments, offering agility and flexibility in data protection.

Trusted Utilities for CDP Backup Solutions

Whitehats leverages industry-leading utilities for CDP backup solutions, including:

  • Dell SonicWall
  • Unitrends
  • Asigra

Our commitment to flexibility extends beyond these options – we are more than willing to work with your preferred vendor or manufacturer. Whitehats is dedicated to offering solutions tailored to your unique needs, free from hardware or software constraints.

Unlocking the Power of BMR Solutions

As part of our comprehensive CDP solutions, we extend Bear Metal Recovery (BMR) solutions to our clients. BMR is your lifeline when you need to transition data from one operating system to another. It preserves and restores files regardless of the OS requirements, ensuring seamless continuity. Moreover, BMR also facilitates server-to-server data replication, safeguarding your data with precision.

Experience and Expertise: Your Data’s Guardians

Whitehats boasts a team of qualified and experienced IT professionals, well-versed in securing and restoring data with CDP solutions. Trust is paramount in the realm of data protection, and we take this responsibility seriously.

In the pursuit of data protection excellence, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) backup solutions emerge as a beacon of security and reliability. With Whitehats by your side, you’re not just embracing a backup solution – you’re embracing peace of mind. From real-time data preservation to versatile restoration options, Whitehats’ CDP backup solutions redefine the standards of data security. Place your trust in us, and we’ll deliver the best Data Recovery solution that not only saves your data in real time but also empowers you with unwavering confidence. Your data’s resilience begins here.

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