Data Protection Solutions for the Digital Era: Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack

Embrace data security with Acronis Cloud Backup & Recovery – your safeguard against data disasters. Experience peace of mind, knowing your digital world is protected and your data is always recoverable.


In today’s rapidly advancing digital landscape, businesses face an ever-growing challenge in safeguarding their business-critical data. Traditional backup methods are no longer sufficient to protect against the evolving threat landscape. Clients now require a comprehensive approach to data protection that goes beyond mere backups. Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack, combined with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, empowers Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to offer their clients an integrated and proactive solution to secure their valuable data.

Key Features and Benefits of Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack:

  • Enhanced Automation and Productivity: Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack incorporates cloud backup enhancements, including continuous data protection. This empowers MSPs to deliver near-zero Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) and ensure minimal downtime in the event of data loss or system failures. The automation of backup processes saves valuable time and resources while keeping clients’ data safe from potential losses.
  • Unmatched Cloud Backup Security: What sets Acronis apart is its unique combination of cloud backup and essential cyber protection features. Along with advanced backup capabilities, it offers anti-malware and antivirus functionalities. This powerful combination ensures that clients’ data remains secure, guarded against emerging cyber threats that could compromise their sensitive information.
  • Comprehensive Workload Protection: Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack allows MSPs to protect more than 20 workload types from a single, user-friendly console. This comprehensive approach covers vital platforms, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle DBMS Real Application Clusters, and SAP HANA. With this wide range of support, clients benefit from robust data protection across diverse environments.

Why Choose Acronis Advanced Backup for Data Protection?

  • Integrated Cyber Protection: Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack takes data protection to the next level by integrating vital cyber protection features. This all-in-one approach offers clients the peace of mind of knowing that their data is safeguarded not only against data loss but also against the increasingly sophisticated array of cyber threats.
  • Streamlined Management: With Acronis, MSPs can efficiently manage and monitor backup and cyber protection tasks from a centralized console. This streamlined approach enhances productivity and allows for prompt action in the event of any security incidents. The simplified management process also reduces the chance of human errors, further bolstering data security.
  • Scalable and Versatile: Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack caters to businesses of all sizes, providing scalable solutions that adapt to the changing needs of clients. Whether a small enterprise or a large corporation, the solution is versatile enough to accommodate diverse workload types, ensuring comprehensive data protection for any organization.

In the face of ever-evolving data threats, MSPs play a critical role in providing cutting-edge solutions for data protection. Acronis Advanced Cloud Backup Pack, with integrated cyber protection from Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud, is the ultimate answer to meet these challenges head-on. Embrace automation, strengthen security, and safeguard critical data with the industry’s best-in-breed cloud backup and cyber protection solution. Secure your clients’ businesses and ensure uninterrupted data availability in the digital era with Acronis Advanced Backup. Elevate your data protection game and become a trusted partner in safeguarding your clients’ most valuable assets. Protection Status
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